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Our aim is to help everyone know just a little bit more about bowel cancer and the bowel cancer screening programme in Greater Manchester. So have a look round our website, we’ve made it as simple as we could to get around. Spend some time with us and get to meet the movement! - they're our new characters who you will see out and about. Knowing more about bowel cancer isn’t just important for older people. Knowing even one fact about bowel cancer and the screening programme means you might just help someone make the right choice to do the bowel cancer screening test, or even help someone spot the early signs and symptoms!

So, welcome to the Movement…the Greater Manchester Bowel Movement! Let’s spread the word and make bowel cancer something we can talk about and know about!

Be a cancer ambassador and help spread the message.

Bowel Cancer: The Facts

Bowel cancer is one of the most common types of cancer diagnosed in the UK, with 1 in 20 people developing it during their lifetime.
However 98% of people diagnosed will survive if the cancer is found early.

There are some key signs and symptoms that you need to look out for and you can reduce your risk of developing the cancer with simple lifestyle changes.

Bowel Cancer

  • In 2015, lifetime risk of developing bowel cancer in the UK was 1 in 20.
  • Bowel Cancer is the 4th most common cancer in the UK and the 2nd biggest cause of cancer deaths. The earlier bowel cancer is detected, the better the chances of survival.
  • Most bowel cancers start as non-cancerous fleshy growths—called polyps—on the inside of the bowel.
  • Bowel cancer screening can also find polyps which can be removed—reducing your risk of developing bowel cancer.

Signs and symptoms of Bowel Cancer

  • We all have problems with our insides every now and again, and there is usually nothing to worry about. Nevertheless, it is important that everyone knows about the main signs and symptoms of bowel cancer.
  • Changes in your bowel habits, especially going to the toilet more often or having diarrhoea for 3-4 weeks.
  • Bleeding from your bottom and/or a pain or lump in your tummy.
  • Unexplained tiredness or extreme weight loss.

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Meet the Movement


Age: 45


Dave became part of the movement when he was at work. The bowel cancer screening programme had a stall at his work’s health day and Dave ended up having a chat.

Whilst having a chat he began to think about how beneficial the kit would be for his mum and dad, but he wasn’t sure whether they had done it, but knew they were the right age.

Dave took a few leaflets and freebies away and pledged that he would speak to his parents when the family went to see them next during the school holidays. Even though the screening kits are for over 60’s Dave felt it was good to know for other people as well and would speak to his wife to see if his in-laws had done it.

Dave is just like any of us, he wants to make sure his parents and friends are ok.


Age: 60 plus


Ruby just received her first kit through the post, she knows about the kit because her husband has received them, but he never bothered to do them.

At first, Ruby was a bit worried about doing the test, especially as her husband hadn’t done it, but after finding out more about the benefits of doing the test, her mind has been put at ease to do the kit with confidence.

Ruby had a look on our website www.gmmovement.co.uk and watched the animations about how to do the kit and what happens afterwards.

Ruby rang the 0800 707 6060 Freephone number to order her husband a replacement kit, as soon as it arrives, Ruby and her ‘other half’ will be doing their kits and helping themselves to be part of the movement!


Age: Around 10


Jack first came across the BCS Team when they had a stall at an event, the Greater Manchester Bowel Tour, he noticed the mascots and some ‘crazy tunnel’, Jack doesn’t fully understand the Inflatable Bowel, but it was strange to walk through it, and he definetly remembers it when his parents asked him about his day!

Jack had his photo taken with the BCSP mascots which was then shared on his dads facebook page and his family asked what it was for. Jack told them all about his day and even remembered the website address from the ‘pledge signs’ he held up in the photo. Jacks grandparents saw the photo of their grandson on their sons facebook page and it must have made them think…’if my kids and grandson are part of this bowel movement, they’re doing it for us’. Jacks grandparents decided to look at the website and read up on the Bowel Cancer screening kit on www.gmmovement.co.uk

Jack liked all the different things at the stall that day, but most of all, he like the characters, his favourite character is Jack obviously, because his mum and dad told him it’s the same name as his, but if you ask what Jack thinks of the Greater Manchester Bowel Movement, he thinks it sounds like everyone is on the toilet at the same time…Ugh!


Age: 60 plus


Eddie is in his mid 60’s and retired from employment, he worked as a bus driver before he retired. Eddie received the kit before when he first turned 60 and a few times since then, but didn’t feel the need to do the kit as he felt he was fit and well.

People Eddie’s age don’t really like talking about things like cancer, especially if its to do with 'down there', but when Eddie came across some of the awareness work going on in his community he learnt more about the kit he had thrown away on previous occasions.

After finding out more about the BCS kit, the benefits of doing the kit and the survival rates about if bowel cancer is found early at a community health awareness event, Eddie decided to phone up the Freephone line and order himself a kit, Eddie remembered the tips on how to do the kit and completed his kit.

Eddie was nervous about doing the kit and what the results may say, thinking it could be bad news, but two weeks later, Eddie received his results and peace of mind. Eddie is glad he did the kit and speaks about the kit to his friends and family.

Eddie has just become a Grandfather again and wanted to make sure he is around as long as possible to see his family grow, Eddie jokes 'You have to do the kit to make sure your kids babysitters well!'


Age: 60 plus


Rani lives with her daughters family and received the kit for the first time, initially, she spoke to her daughter about why she was the only one to receive the kit and that because it was sent directly to her, there must be something wrong. Not wanting to take the chance of knowing, Rani threw away the kit and thought no more of it.

A few months later Rani received a call from her GP practice, a volunteer trained by the BCSP discussed the BCS kit in her own language and Rani discussed her concerns about the kit and why she was sent one. The volunteer explained all about the kit and was a friendly and supportive voice who explained everything in her language.

Rani was still unsure and thought about the kit and was still uncomfortable about doing it, so the volunteer asked Rani to come to her GP practice to attend a health workshop she delivers to patients. Rani was surprised to see that there were a few people at the workshop, even people she knew.

The awareness session delivered by the volunteer and practice staff was comfortable and very practical, Rani appreciated the support she received from her GP and it made a great difference in allowing her to understand the importance of health screening.


Age: Around 16


Asha is currently at schools studying her GCSE’s, as part of her studies she is taking Science.

Asha became part of the Greater Manchester Bowel Movement when the BCSP Health Improvement Team came to her school to promote the Bowel Cancer Screening Kit, at first Asha wondered ‘what has all this got to do with me?’ but after the talk she understood how important it was to tell people about such a simple test, especially within her own family.

Asha signed up to become a Youth Cancer Ambassador and completed the Train the Trainer course the Health Improvement Team delivered for free, it also helped her with her application to sixth for college.

Asha is now part of our growing Youth Cancer Ambassador Programme and regularly does events in her community and at her school to raise awareness of the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme. Since becoming a Youth Cancer Ambassador, Asha has convinced a number of people to do the kit, including her own family and is looking to continue her role when she goes to Sixth Form College.

What happens to your pack after you’ve returned it? Click here to continue the journey.



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