About the GM Movement

Be Part of the Movement…the Greater Manchester Bowel Movement!

Just by having a look around our website, you’ll know a little more about bowel cancer and the screening kit, so now you’re part of the movement!

The Greater Manchester Bowel Movement is our new health campaign to help people find out more about bowel cancer. You can be any age to be part of the Greater Manchester Bowel Movement.

We want everyone to know at least one thing about bowel cancer so they can help themselves or a friend or family member spot the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer, better still, do the bowel cancer screening kit if you or someone else is between 60 and 74.

Help yourself around our new website, read a few facts about how easily bowel cancer can be treated if caught early. Watch our animations about the bowel cancer screening programme so you can help make bowel cancer and the screening kit something people can openly talk.

If you're interested in doing more to raise awareness about bowel cancer, have a look at our page just for you!

The team will be out and about in Greater Manchester have a look at our news and events page to see when we will be in your area!

Have you received a screening pack? Learn more about how to complete and return it.



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