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Paul - Aged 61

Paul Hilton, 61, was diagnosed with cancer in the sigmoid area of his large intestine in December 2013.

He first received his bowel cancer screening kit in September through the post  but left it in a drawer for a month before eventually completing the kit and sending it back in the post.

Paul was asked to redo the test a second and third time as his kits came back ‘unclear’ (some blood was found in the samples he had provided) he then received a letter to attend an appointment with the local Screening Nurse in a local health centre who booked him an appointment at his local screening centre for a colonoscopy.

After his procedure, Paul and his wife were told that he had numerous polyps and cancer in the sigmoid area of the colon, which is part of the large intestine.

Three weeks later Paul had keyhole surgery to remove the cancer, he said: “I walked with the nurse down to the operating theatre, where I met the theatre nurse, anaesthetist, and stoma nurse. I felt very confident at this time. I was taken to the pre-op theatre and sedated ready for my operation.

“Eight hours later I came round in the recovery room feeling fine and without pain. A nurse asked how I was feeling, I said ok and asked her to check if I had a stoma bag, to my relief she said no.

“After a couple of days I was able to have a shower by myself, with catheter and drain bag in tow. The only time I recall feeling pain and discomfort was the catheter.”

Paul’s wife, Ann took him home just four days after the operation.  He made a speedy recovery and a few weeks later, given the all clear – he was cancer free.

“This was the first time I felt real emotion throughout all this process knowing that I no longer had cancer,” said Paul.

“If I can offer advice to anyone who may have to go through my experience, be positive, fear nothing and put your faith and trust in the professionals that are caring for you. When you receive the Bowel Cancer Screening kit, treat it as urgent and do it right away. If they do find anything wrong the sooner anything nasty is detected the more chance of a successful cure.”

There is a great deal of professional help and advice to guide you throughout this whole process.

If you are over 60 and would like a free kit through the post, call: 0800 707 6060


Ronald - Aged 72

Ronald Kirby, 72, from Middleton is one of many people who now have peace of mind because of the NHS bowel cancer screening programme.

Ronald says he initially had some reservations about the test but then decided it was important and completed it with no problems.

He sent the test off in the freepost envelop provided and was asked to complete a second test when the result was returned ‘unclear’.

He was then invited to a meeting with a local screening nurse who discussed his options with him. They agreed he would undergo a colonoscopy for further investigations at Fairfield General Hospital in Bury.

The colonoscopy would be able to identify any potentially cancerous growths (polyps) in the bowel.

Ronald underwent the procedure a few weeks later and a doctor identified and removed two polyps from his bowel.

He didn’t need sedation and was even able to drive home after the 40-minute procedure.

Ronald says he felt looked after during the whole procedure and was even able to watch it on a screen.

He said: “They are very thoughtful and conscious of people’s feelings.

Because the doctor found 2 polyps Ronald is invited for a further colonoscopy every 3 years. He had a check up colonoscopy last year and had another polyp removed.

He added: “Regular screenings give me peace of mind. There’s nothing to worry about. You’re not going to die from doing the test, but you could do if you don’t!”

Have you received a screening pack? Learn more about how to complete and return it.



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